California Animal Health & Food Safety Laboratory System

Lab Tests & Fees

PLEASE NOTE: Effective September 1, 2012, the California Animal Health & Food Safety Laboratory System (CAHFS) implemented a 10 percent increase in laboratory testing fees. The necropsy fee, which includes gross and histopathology as well as some microbiology, immunology and toxicology testing, increased to $120. To read Director's announcement, click here.

To search for LAB TESTS/FEES click here.  A list of frequently requested tests for beef cattle, dairy cattle, equine, camelids, pigs, poultry, and small ruminants is available by clicking on the specific species.

For information regarding TEST PANELS (suites of tests often offered at a price discount) click here

IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING FEES:  Rates and fees were approved July 2012 and are subject to change.    

CAHFS standard necropsy fee includes histopathology and except where indicated most ancillary tests that are warranted based on the necropsy. Fees are in state and do not apply for research projects or insurance necropsies. Out-of-state fees are typically double the in-state fee listed.

CAHFS does not perform cosmetic necropsies or return animal remains to client. For a quote or additional questions, please contact any CAHFS Laboratory or phone (530) 752-4613 during normal business hours.

Species In-State Necropsy Fee Site
Cattle, pigs, sheep, goats <3 months – $120 for 1-3 animals >3 months, $120 each D, SB, T
Camelids (llama, alpaca, guanaco)

$120 each (rendering fee for SB, T of $94.90 added if >6 months; rendering fee for D of $150 added if >6 months)

  D, SB, T
Horses $165 each (rendering fee of $94.90 added if >6 months) whole animal $120 (field necropsy - tissues) D, SB, T
Rabbits <3 months – $120 for 1-3 rabbits >3 months, $120 each All
Pet birds, exotic, racing and show pigeons (non-poultry) Aviary (>20 birds) $120 for 1-3 birds submitted same day from same location with same clinical problem Non aviary and ratites $120 each All
Chickens, turkeys, waterfowl, squabs <1000 birds on premise (must state # at site) No charge for first 2 birds; $120 for next 3-8 birds same day  >1000 birds at site, $120 for 1-8 birds on same day All
Quail, guinea fowl, pea fowl, game birds $120 for 1-8 birds on same day   All
Aquaculture $120 each   SB, T
Wildlife species (avian or mammalian, if you work with rehab centers or have a concerned citizen) $120 each   Avian – all Mammalian –
D, SB, T
Ferret, hamster, guinea pig, mouse, rat, gerbil, chinchilla  $194.90 each   SB, T
Dogs and cats (not legal cases) $495 each (all additional testing above this fee except histology)   SB, T
Reptiles and amphibians (private owned) $194.90 each   SB, T
Histology on fixed tissue except dogs and cats $39.50, (up to 20 tissues) and $1.70 each additional sample (Note the 20 is based on # of sections so one brain may be 5 sections)   SB, T
Histology field necropsy (dog or cat) $357.50   SB, T