California Animal Health & Food Safety Laboratory System

Submission Forms

A completed specimen submission form must accompany samples submitted to CAHFS for testing.  It is important to complete the form as thoroughly as possible. This form is comprehensive and asks for information that may not seem important but it is. Our goal at CAHFS has always been to provide the highest quality diagnostic laboratory support service to our clients.  We appreciate your efforts to provide us with the information we need to accomplish this goal. The information below should help you properly complete the submission form. Materials submitted or isolates derived from those samples become the property of the California Animal Health & Food Safety Laboratory System (CAHFS), UC Davis.

Click on one of these form images for the printable Submission Form needed. 

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These forms may be viewed, completed and printed using the FREE version of Adobe's Acrobat Reader. These forms cannot be saved on your computer. You may print out the submission form and fill it out by hand, or complete the form online and then print it.   The form must be printed before closing Adobe Acrobat Reader or you will lose any information you have entered online.

Download Acrobat Reader

**Remember to place the completed form in a zippered plastic bag to protect the form during transit.

For the Avian Health Group Surveillance program, click the links below for the AHM-appropriate submission forms.


This link is for Avian Surveillance only.
CDFA Avian Surveillance

Submission Form Required information

  • Complete Veterinarian and/or Owner Information
  • Species of Animal
  • Type of Specimen
  • Test Request(s)
  • Source Material (location on the animal) from which the sample was taken if the submission is for bacteriological culture.
  • Sign and Date the Submission Form
  • Sample receipt and testing will be delayed if any of the above items are not present on a submission form.

See our Packaging Guidelines page for information on how to protect your sample and submission form information for safe and secure shipping to our CAHFS laboratories.  We also have useful shipping information on our Shipping and Courier Services page.

I understand that specimens submitted and the results of all tests, analyses, or other diagnostic procedures are the property of CAHFS. Any cell lines, genetic material or other biological materials isolated from or originating from submitted animals and specimens shall be the property of the University of California. Client information provided to CAHFS, and the test results from samples submitted to CAHFS will be treated as confidential information consistent with applicable legal standards including, but not limited to, California Professions Code section 4857 and Evidence Code section 1040. Such confidential information will not be divulged to third parties without written consent of the client, except when required by law, which includes requirements that test results be provided to regulatory agencies.